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(Automatically activated: @autoloot, @displayexp and @main on login, they can be turned off at the GM Assistant NPC.)


heRO is a balanced Ragnarok Online server, but it's also our own special world, which is why we've put a lot of effort into the customization!

For more information regarding all of heRO's custom stuff, the Wiki and the Forums are a great source of information.

Right when you land in the world of heRO on your shiny new novice, you'll be greeted by the Welcome Lady, after making sure that you understand the rules of the server she will announce your birth to the world and reward you with freebies. A Hat (Little Lamb Hood), an armor, a weapon, battle manuals and more!

In almost every town you'll find the lovely healer. She will fully restore your HP/SP for free up to level 50 and for a fee afterwards. The inns are also available if you're short on Zeny.

The SavePoint Girl and the Warper Boy are available all over the world, speak to him to warp to any location that you've unlocked (Towns, Dungeons, Churches, BG, WoE Castles and more), speak to her when you reach a new place to save that location.

This useful lady is in Prontera, just East of the center of town, talk to her to change some of the game options such as your desired default for @Main, @Autoloot and @Showexp.
She is also the one to talk to if you want to collect rewards from voting (V4P), hosting an automated event, trading Blank Card and collecting Veteran Rewards.

In Prontera is a magician that can reset your stats or skills, he will preform his magic for free if you are level 40 or below, after that there is a fee based on your level.

This fashion expert has everything you need to create a unique look for yourself!
From her spot in Central Prontera she offers 150+ clothing dyes and 100+ unique hairstyles in a variety of colors.

You'll find these guys in every town, they will offer to sell you Dead Branch, to visit one of the Public DB Rooms or to rent a private a DB Room.

You'll find her in every town, she'll be glad to send you on your way to a PvP or GvG room.

Right in the middle of Prontera is this neat system to create item hunting missions for other players to complete in exchange for Zeny.
If you're in need of Zeny you can complete a mission entered by another player. Posted missions expire after a month, this system is very useful, and fully automated!

Granny Kathy is a very nice old lady, she takes care of orphans (Babie characters with no parents). The Prontera Orphanage is located south from the Church. To be welcomed as an orphan you need to be a level 1 novice.";

Want to get married? There are 5 different churches to get married in, all of them support same-sex marriage: Prontera, Hugel, Lutie, Rachel (Light) and Glastheim (Dark)!

Via Fishing you can obtain a variety of fish (Bass, Trout, Salmon, etc.) that heal HP/SP. You'll have to do a quest with the Fisherman to craft your rod and learn how to use it. You'll find the Fisherman 2 maps West of Prontera ( upper part ).

You can also mine and use picks to find a variety of useful rocks and ores like Oridecon, Elunium, Gold and more. You'll find the Old Miner that will tell you everything about it just outside of the Coal Mine (Dead Pit).

Light VS Dark Allegiance System
There is an ongoing war between the forces of the Darkness and the followers of the Light. You can swear your Allegiance to one side if you want to partake in the fighting.
In charge of Light is the lovely Lady Thea and the leader of the Dark forces is the mighty Sir Melot. By completing special quests you'll earn Allegiance Points and unique gears. The higher your points, the better a hero you are considered. To join either side you can talk to the Allegiance Girl in Prontera. She's located North West from the center, just outside of the Tool Dealer.

Chronicles of the Heroes
Our server's own custom storyline! Watch as it unfolds with YOU as the characters! Join the Light or Dark side by talking to the Allegiance NPC in Prontera.

heRO is home to several unique new monsters: Autumn Leafcat, Snow Bunny, Eralia, a lot of Poring types like Pandaring, Aquaring, Sapling and there's even monsters made in some player's image! There are also new MVPs like Levia Lusca, Skoll, God Poring, Midnight Jack and Orcus.

Custom Dungeons
You'll also find New Dungeons such as Thanatos Basement, True Poring Island and the Fairy Paradise!

We have several new pets, just to name a few we have: Teddy Bear, Siroma, Galapago, Kraven, Garm Baby, Aliot, Mavka and Violy. Each of them drop their own tame and usually their food too.
There are also the Angeling/Deviling and Observation/Retribution pets which are obtained from Allegiance quests.

What would RO be without hats? Many custom headgears drop directly from the monster they look like, like the ones featured above. Others are obtained via quests or special events.

Note: The custom headgears on heRO are NOT obtainable via donation, they are available equally to all players with quests, events or directly from monsters.

In addition to several GM-hosted Events (Werewolf, PvP, Hide & Seek, etc.) you'll encounter on heRO several Automated Events that are started by players: Poring Smash, Zombie Run, Novices VS Taini, Fabre Tame & Mini-Muspel.
They are short (~30 minutes) and usually nicely rewarding. Some are played with newly created novices, so everyone is on equal grounds, while others use your regular characters.

Muspel Monday
Muspel is a special event that occurs twice every monday with great Exp and Unique drops. Battle in this unique Fire Land that is Muspelheim, fight the Eyes of Surtur, Logi, Ember Lizard and more to reach the Rainbow Bridge protected by the Selkie creatures. If you beat them Fafnir and the MVP Surtur await you in the Inner Sactum.

Monthly Fairy Auction
That's right we have fairies in this world! They live in the Fairyland of course. It's their town and it's also where they host their auction event every month. All sorts of things get sold at the Fairy Auction (FA for short), you should check the Forums to see what the next one holds.

Monthly Trials of Heroes
It is an epic event held once a month where Heroes from both the Light and Dark allegiance battle it out in a series of 5 trials, which are: Monster Fighting, Item Gathering, 1vs1 PvP Trial, Trivia and finally Mass Battle PvP!

Heroic Battlegrounds
I, 2, 3...Fight! This is our custom BG. Get put on even teams and earn incredible rewards for winnng and even just participating! A completely unique experience!

War of Emperium and Retro WoE
Come and fight in WoE with your guildmates! Few castles open to keep the competition packed, frequent rotation to offer different layout. Participation prizes for joining in WoE include Consumables, (custom) Elven Warrior Hats, BG Key, Guild Megaphone and more. If your guild manages to capture a castle you'll also get chests (boosted from their official version).

The heRO server has lots of unique quests with in-depth storyline and much originality!
There are over 50 quests unique to heRO to discover.

Hatter Quest
Mr Hatter will make you play his 5 games if you want to be rewarded with one of his 100+ hats, it's our way of allowing players to obtain some of the official hats that have no quests.
His quest requires 5 cards, giving value to cards that are considered useless, including cards from low level monsters that newer players can sell for some nice starting Zeny.

King Ernst The First needs funds for the kingdom of Rune-Midgard, and is willing to bestow noble titles on heroes who bring him gold.
Nobles are rewarded with a special mid-headgear gem that boost a stat of their choosing. The King also gives them rewards every month such as Event Bag or Battleground Key.

Custom features are not enough. Players that are truely welcoming, that's what makes heRO a server you can call home. Be it on forums, @main or in town you'll find an abundance of very friendly heroes!